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“Man, this sucks. Now I know how the Yankees feel.”

This is why I don’t gamble—one, I’d never be able to bet against the teams I want to win, and two, that means yesterday I’d have taken an unbelievable beating as the teams I was passionately rooting for were: Florida over Georgia at the Cocktail Party, OU over Notre Dame in Norman, and of course the Tigers over the Giants in the World Series.

Yeah, ouch … I was 0 for 3 in the games I cared about most.

I was rooting for the Gamecocks to beat the Volunteers, but I was hardly worried about that one because come on, nobody thought it’d be close. And of course not only was the game ridiculously close, but also it was heartbreaking and sickening as a diehard fan of great players and great games to see Marcus Lattimore’s injury. This morning the ESPN website is calling yesterday’s NCAA action a perfect day of football and I’m thinking, no it wasn’t … this guy’s career is in jeopardy, yesterday sucked.

About the World Series though—I’m really disappointed in the Tigers, sure, and I’ll explain that in a minute, but the team I’m most annoyed with is the Cardinals. If the Cards had beaten the Giants, then I’d have been at Game 2 of the Series … see I bet wrong again, I bought my World Series tickets thinking the Cards were going to be there.

Well, whatever.

The reason I’m most upset about the direction of this year’s World Series is I just don’t want to see the baseball season end—at best we’ve got four games left, and then it’s a long cold winter we’re facing. And trust me, I love the NFL, but baseball is my real passion. So I’d like the Tigers to win a couple, keep this thing going. Come on guys, really.

The second reason I’m upset about the World Series has to do with my nephew. The kid’s first year of little league his team was the “Tigers” and they all had caps just like the Detroit Tigers. So that’s how he started rooting for Detroit. He was thrilled when the Tigers swept the Yankees. Thought it was freaking hilarious. Now last night, in a moment that’s about as introspective as a little kid can be I suppose, he said, “Man, this sucks. Now I know how the Yankees feel.” Well my little man, not yet you don’t—because the Tigers aren’t swept yet, but … yeah, getting close.

And lastly, checking out the Elias notes from the World Series it’s hard to believe but the Giants won that game with 12 strikeouts and two runs scored—and the last time a team won a World Series game despite being so inept at the plate was 1972. Also, the Giants have not trailed in 54 consecutive innings going back to the NLCS—and the last time a team’s starting pitchers logged three consecutive World Series starts without giving up more than one run each, which the Giants’ starters have now down vs. Detroit … 1905.